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Our Cause


In 2015, co-founder Evan Lampsa underwent open-heart surgery to fix a congenital heart defect. While the event alone did not inspire him to create ketchup, it did motivate him to create healthier foods for people. Ketchup is a condiment many people do not perceive as detrimental to their health, but most conventional ketchup is composed of 20% sugar alone.

Our Mission


At Ketchup Please, we believe in fostering a healthier and happier America. Our product is specifically engineered to both provide an alternative to unhealthy mainstream brands and put a smile on your face.

Our Purpose


By providing consumers with a cause they can understand, and a mission they can believe in, Ketchup Please is making America a healthier and happier place, one ketchup bottle at a time.

Meet the founders

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Evan Lampsa

Evan Lampsa is an avid golfer and enjoys developing Ketchup Please when he's off the course. Originally, Evan sought to create a brand centered around heart patients. His focus expanded to all people when co-founder Reed Kastner-Lang became his business partner. Evan also enjoys writing and cooking. 

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Reed Kastner-Lang

Reed Kastner-Lang has been deeply interested in all things business since selling golf balls and lemonade as a child. Reed co-founded a landscaping company his freshman year of high school and after hearing about Evan’s ketchup business idea, he couldn’t resist. Outside of developing Ketchup Please and landscaping, Reed enjoys playing sports, selling items on Facebook and eBay, and spending time with friends and family.

In Action 

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