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Our Ketchup

Ketchup Please is the ketchup you have been searching for! For those of us looking for healthier products that taste good too, Ketchup Please saves the day. No longer do we have to compromise taste for nutrition or nutrition for taste. Ketchup Please is non-GMO, contains no added sugar, and has less sodium, carbs, and calories than mainstream ketchup. Ketchup Please is truly Ketchup Without Compromise. 



Mainstream ketchup is 20% added sugar alone. Ketchup Please has zero added sugar. KP is sweetened with organic stevia to keep sweetness up without the added sugars. 

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USDA Organic

Our ketchup is made with organic ingredients and is non-GMO, meaning no artificial preservatives, fertilizers, pesticides, or other crap.

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Our ketchup is produced in Hudson, Wisconsin. We pride ourselves on continuing to support our home state. 

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